Design solutions for your basement

basement design london

Basements can get a little bit dull and boring, especially if there are small or no windows opening up the space visually. This is why most people skip finishing up the basement all together and use it as a storage rather than an actual part of the house. However, this is the ideal way to expand your house with little effort and make it look as good as the rest of the house does. How to make it a cosy and inviting space with the limited options it seems to offer?

Don’t let the dark basement stay gloom

The lack of windows and natural light seems to be one of the main reasons why people see a basement transformation as difficult and unsuccessful. Some property owners decide to use the natural darkness and make the rooms in the basement moody and rustic, but you don’t need to go that route if that’s not your style. Remember, that even with low ceilings and small windows there are many ways of lighting up the room and making it seem more spacious than it actually is. Play with bright and light paint on the walls, stay away from dark furniture and décor and above all, don’t shy away from all the delicate and fragile accents. Also, remember that sometimes bigger elements can actually make the room look bigger – full length mirrors and artwork will work in your basement just as well as they would on the ground floor.

Unused space can become a great asset

Awkward corners and the space under the stairs don’t make it easy to style a basement like you would wish to? Take them as an advantage and turn your weaknesses into a charming area. The place under the stairs could easily become your new wine storage or a place for shelves to store all your decorations and winter clothes at. Awkward corner that cannot be used and attracts too much attention by being empty could be a house for a floor-length mirror acting as an optical illusion of a larger and more lively room all together.

Out with the old

Many people struggle with old wood and brick in the basement as they have no time to strip that down and make it modern. Use it, again, to your advantage! Paint the wood white and sandpaper the brick to give it a fresh and industrial look that is such a big trend right now!