AWS and cloud computing

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Cloud computing has been present in the computing world for many years now, but it hasn’t been until recently that it started gaining such popularity among companies of various sizes and markets. Cloud computing has enabled many businesses to access application software without having to own a physical data storage center or investing in any software and hardware for that matter. Cloud technology is a new craze on the market and has impacted the whole IT world quite significantly. With the need to be present online and provide services quicker than ever, companies have no choice but to move to the much safer and cheaper cloud solutions. Amazon Cloud Solutions is here to help them with doing so.  

What cloud computing has to offer?

Software licensing can be very expensive, just as having to maintain a physical database center is. With popular cloud applications having thousands of users, the licensing costs go down, allowing business users to pay a small amount as their monthly service fee and thus eliminating the need for bigger investments. The same goes for hardware – with cloud computing, you are only paying for the data and storage you actually use, which means that you are no longer in need to keep your hardware in top shape even if it’s not being fully used. Pay for what you use and enjoy your savings – they may be helpful in expanding your business.

One more very important advantage of cloud computing is its mobility. With people working outside office spaces more and more often, there was always a need to create a solution that would allow them to leave the office and stay in touch with all the information and data needed. Traditional IT environments require implementation of VPN. Worse VPN might expose business computers to potentially unsafe networks. Cloud computing enables users to log into their core applications from any computing device and web browser without the need for VPN.

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Why Amazon Cloud Solutions?

Although there are other widely-known providers of cloud services out there, Amazon Cloud Solutions seem to gain the most interest. It is not surprising seeing that it was actually Amazon that started the whole cloud-craze and since 2006 developed over a hundred solutions readily available for their customers. Microsoft’s Azure or Google’s Cloud Platform is simply not there yet, although they seem to gain a lot more interest now as companies are willing to explore and wander off their trusty AWS.