Why are the magnetic rigid boxes so comfortable?

Magnetic rigid boxes

Magnetic rigid boxes are becoming one of the most popular types of packaging. They are commonly used for gifts and luxury products. What exactly makes them so in demand?

The advantages of the magnetic rigid boxes

The magnetic rigid boxes have a lot of advantages. They protect the product from damage, are convenient to use, and give the merchandise a more stylish look. Moreover, they are fully customizable and can be used as a powerful marketing tool.

Protection of the product

The magnetic rigid boxes are made of a thick solid cardboard, which makes them very resilient. Due to their sturdiness and the implementation of the fitted cardboard or PVC inserts this type of packaging can effectively protect the product from damage and changes of the temperature.

Convenience of use

The magnetic gift boxes are very convenient and comfortable to use. They are equipped with an efficient closing mechanism which allows easy access to the item placed inside.

Stylish look

One of the biggest advantages of the magnetic rigid boxes is their stylish look. This type of packaging makes the item more luxurious and appealing to the customer.


The magnetic rigid boxes are fully customizable and can be tailored to the individual needs of the customer. Due to a wide range of configuration options they are a perfect choice for even the most demanding patrons.

Magnetic rigid boxes

Marketing tool

Due to their characteristics, the magnetic rigid boxes are a very effective marketing tool. They can make the product stand out and appear more interesting to the buyer. Well designed magnetic rigid box has the ability to elevate the brand and attract premium customers.

What products call for the use of the magnetic rigid boxes?

Magnetic rigid boxes can be used in every industry. They are mostly utilized as a packaging for deluxe products, such as:

  • jewellery,
  • watches,
  • perfume,
  • high quality alcohols,
  • cosmetics,
  • high-end electronics.

Magnetic rigid boxes are also used for various types of luxury food products, especially artisan chocolates, pralines, and jars with jams or honey. Moreover, this type of packaging is often utilized to store different pieces of clothing, mostly ties and bow-ties.

Why is it worth ordering the magnetic rigid boxes directly from the manufacturer?

Ordering the magnetic rigid boxes directly from the manufacturer allows the customer to fully customize their order. Renowned packaging manufacturers use such methods, as:

  • embossing – a technique applied in order to create raised silhouettes of an artwork design,
  • debossing – a finishing process opposite to embossing, which consists of pressing a design onto a surface of the packaging so that it creates a sunken area,
  • foil stamping – a process that entails application of a metallic foil and stamping of a customized design into the packaging with the use of a heated dye,
  • spot UV printing – a technique that provides the packaging with a gold quality gloss hard finish.

Working directly with the companies that specialize in creating high-end magnetic rigid boxes allows the customer to order a packaging that is the best match for the product and answers to its individual needs. The box manufacturers may suggest the implementation of precision-cut foam inserts which help with the display of the product and prevent it from moving within the packaging, ensuring its safety. By ordering the magnetic rigid boxes directly from the producer the customers can also obtain packaging fitted with thermoformed trays. They hold the item for better organization and safety and are mostly used in boxes designed for carrying expensive products.