NORSOK M-501 standards – how is it related to industrial coatings?

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Industrial coatings are one of the main methods of protecting steel and metal structures from corrosion, chemicals, salt, wind, abrasion and other external factors that may lower the overall durability of a construction. Like most elements, industrial coatings are subjected to many requirements and standards, one of which is widely recognised and used by most leading companies – NORSOK M-501. What requirements does it propose for industrial coatings and how it applies to different construction sites?

NORSOK M-501 – quality standard for industrial coatings

The NORSOK M-501 standard created with steel structures and industry in mind sets requirements for many aspects involved in the process of preparing and laying down industrial coatings. From selection of the coating materials itself, through surface preparation, application procedures and inspection, all the way to the coating application itself, the NORSOK M-501 norm sets high standards that ensure the best results.

NORSOK M-501 focuses mainly on offshore installations which are by far one of the most difficult and demanding in the industry. With as many challenges that offshore constructions face on a daily basis, NORSOK M-501 helps industrial coating producers and companies that specialise in coatings application and maintenance to keep the paint coatings highly reliable and durable once applied.

What does NORSOK M-501 do for industrial coatings?

The standard is mostly used by industrial coating producers to ensure that the quality they provide with the coatings is up to the highest standards and meets all the industrial requirements even for the toughest of conditions. Protective coatings should provide, according to NORSOK M-501, optimal corrosion protection as well as easy maintenance and application. All coatings that receive NORSOK M-501 certification and approval are evaluated in terms of health, safety and environmental impacts and can be used in various applications as long as they meet the industry requirements.

Companies that work with industrial coatings approved by the standard are one of the most reliable on the market as being complaint with the standard helps them guarantee the highest quality of work and preparation for every stage of steel maintenance. Whether it’s anti-corrosion, anti-abrasion or any other properties that might be required of industrial coatings, NORSOK M-501 gives a stamp of approval for the durability and product quality offered by the company.

Which industrial coatings fall under NORSOK M-501 standards?

As far as application, preparation time, durability and visual effects go, industrial coatings might come in various formulas and effects, all covered by requirements of the standard. Most commonly used and recognised industrial coatings include standard cover paints, metallic coatings and spray-on passive fire protective coatings. Once a company obtains the standard approval for any of the industrial coatings used in their projects, they will be able to provide optimal level of protection of the installation with a minimum need for future maintenance. The coatings must always be application and maintenance friendly and proven safe as far as health and environmental safety goes. The standard is not used for pipelines and pipeline risers, although the coatings that are approved by the standard might be used for such applications.