What to take into account while sending packages from your own internet shop?

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With the shift in customers’ shopping habits that can be observed in the last years, setting up an online store is extremely important for small businesses. It gives their owners an opportunity to better service existing customers, as well as reach plenty of new clients.

Who can set up an internet shop?

In reality, everyone can set up an internet shop. This method of conducting the sales is available both for already established brands and for newcomers, who just start developing their business. Due to the accessibility of professional e-commerce platforms, the creation of an online shop does not require technical background and is extremely easy – setting the store, adding products, connecting online payment options, and setting up shipping policies can all be done in just one day. However, every person who wants to set up an internet shop needs to remember that it is necessary to register the business for tax purposes, according to the applicable law.

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What to focus on while setting up an internet shop?

While setting up an internet shop it is important to focus mainly on page design, product display, and delivery options.

Page design

The way the online shop looks is extremely important, which is why page design should be the first thing to consider while setting up a new e-commerce business. It needs to attract customers’ attention, clearly demonstrate what is being sold, and, last but not least, present the business as reliable. When it comes to page design the best approach is “less is more”. Clean lines, a lot of space, and lack of overwhelming detail is what clients usually respond to. The design of the online shop should also match the branding of the business and be consistent with its visual identity. Moreover, it is necessary to ensure the page works flawlessly on a mobile phone, as many customers use their smartphones to shop.

Product display

Proper product display in an internet shop requires:

  • appropriate listing,
  • exhaustive description, which provides the customer with all necessary information about the product,
  • attractive photos, which show the use of the product and make it appear more desirable,
  • choosing the right product categories, which allows the customers to easily find the product they are looking for.

Delivery options

The owner of an internet shop needs to decide how their products will reach the customers. It requires choosing a delivery company, as well as establishing shipping options together with shipping fees. The store may offer free shipping, flat rate shipping, or shipping rate by weight, price or product. If the products have a global appeal, the owner of an internet shop may consider offering international shipping.

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Sending packages to the client – what to take into account?

Sending packages to the client requires the owner to choose a packaging method that ensures both safety and good visuals of the purchased product.


The primary purpose of the packaging is to protect its contents from damage, dirt, and other external factors, such as humidity, light or high and low temperatures. It should retain the product intact during shipping. The packaging used by the internet shop should therefore be durable and resilient.

Good visuals

Good visuals of the packaging create an amazing unboxing experience and make the customers like the purchased product better. They help establish a positive relationship with the brand, which leads to more purchases in the future.

In order to attract more attention and influence the customers to continue buying products from the brand, the owners of internet shops should use decorative boxes which can elevate the elegance of the item, making it appear more luxurious and desirable.