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Accessorizing isn’t just for runway fashion divas. Have fun shopping around for your violin accessories and complete your musical outfit. Most music dealers consider a violin outfit to consist of the following accessories in addition to the violin itself; violin case, violin bow, and strings. Other necessary accessories which most likely are not included are; shoulder rest, and rosin.

Here are some quick tips to help you become an expert on violin accessories!
Find out which violin cases get the top reviews. Even if you’re following a strict budget, we’ve got recommendations for everyone. This is one accessory that you do not want to skip on quality. Read my personal experience to find out why!

Most private teachers and advanced violinist use shoulder rests, I recommend that you do too! Shoulder rests aren’t a one-size-fits all. Discover which one will fit your body type best while allowing flexibility for your personal playing style.

Become an informed customer. Check out these tips on buying a bow. You’ll be one happy violinist if the purchase you make the first time is the right one!

Violin strings are the smallest yet perhaps the most important violin accessory. Without them your violin, bow, rosin and every other accessory is worthless. Strings are the icing on the cake, take the time to learn the difference between the types and brands.


Rosin isn’t just for baseball players. Musicians use it too. Learn how to use rosin, why you need it, and if different brands really do make a difference. Trust me, your bow won’t even make a peep when played on the strings without a little bit of rosin on it first.

The reviews are in…these music stands music stands receive a ‘standing’ ovation. Find out which ones came up on top!

Before purchasing a violin, case, or bow check with the person you are purchasing from. Many violin dealers sell their violins with an outfit included; at least the bow, case, and usually strings. In addition, you will also need to purchase a shoulder rest and rosin.

If a violin bow and case are not included, ask about adding them at a discounted price at the time of your violin purchase.

Many music stores and online dealers will give you a special rate at the time of purchase, or the option of adding both a bow and case for a packaged price. It is usually worth it. Sometimes the bow and case included are to poor of quality to invest in. Do you homework, check into the types of cases and bows that you feel are right for you. Remember this is a big investment, make it worth your money.