Working as a doctor in France

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France is one of the biggest, most important countries in Europe. There was a point in time when France thought they were the best in everything. However, maintaining that appearance is unrealistic and even such big countries must ask for help. This is why France is looking all over Europe for job candidates. The area that needs employees the most? Medical jobs. Right now France strives to make their healthcare system better, more fitted to current world standards. Help from young doctors and nurses looking for a change of setting is more than welcome.

What are medical jobs available in France?

France is one of the countries that seek for almost any specialist in the medical field as well as general practitioners and nurses. Just to list several of the options that are available for French-speaking candidates, anesthesiology, gastroenterology, gastro surgery, geriatrics, gynecology, neurology, ophthalmology, orthopedics, pulmonology, radiation oncology and oncology are looking for additional staff all over France. This is a very specific group of specializations though that may not be of your expertise. Don’t worry though, there are also openings for child and adolescent psychiatry, medical rehabilitation, occupational medicine, and psychiatry, as well as aforementioned general practitioners. As far as other medical jobs go, nurses and other medical help are always welcome and France is willing to pay more money than most eastern European countries – the part of Europe where France sees most candidates coming from.

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How does one go about finding a job in France?

Finding a medical job in France is not actually that difficult. With salaries starting well above 5,000 euros per month, GPs have nothing to worry about, even with much higher costs of living than the candidates are used to in their home countries. You might as well try finding a vacant through an agency (more about that is available here:

Going to France you must be prepared to learn fluent French. Whereas some countries expect you to learn and use English as your support in the meantime, French people are not so welcoming in that sense. They like their language and even if they understand you in English, they will reply in French. With doctors and nurses, it is necessary then to know what the patient is telling them, thus requiring fluent French from all candidates for medical jobs in France. If you wish to move to the beautiful country of cheese and wine and save people in the process, check with an employment agency if there are any vacancies suited to your qualifications.