Managing data security in a small company

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Managing information security in a small company can be quite tricky and is often neglected as it doesn’t seem as relevant as for much larger organisations and corporations. With those who employ over 50, 100, 200 people at a time, having to keep organised with all paperwork, documentation and work station organisation goes without saying. It’s the smaller companies that struggle and that in turn leads to much poorer information security. How to manage data in a small or medium sized organisation?

How to maintain data security in a small company?

Properly managed information and data security takes a lot of time and effort if you need to start from scratch, but at the end it is worth every hurdle. First thing that is crucial for any size company is realising that information is not just the things you keep filed on your computer – it’s plans, discussions, presentations, financial statements, and even process knowledge that people who work for you have!

If your company has to secure its data, remember about all of those – they will come in handy when you assess your risks and threats and when you plan on how to implement new rules to your information security management system. How to do it best? By deploying a software that helps you with data management every step of the way.

Software that aids your ISO 27001-based ISMS

Creating a whole new system and keeping up with it all the time is especially difficult in smaller companies, where there are no people responsible for watching over the process. Here, the best thing you can do is to deploy a software designed to work with your ISMS and guide you through all the regulations and standards that are internationally acknowledged and respected.

One of those would obviously have to be ISO 27001, which gives detailed directions on how to properly manage data security and helps you improve every aspect of your system while keeping your work dynamic intact or improved. It highlights the importance of risks and threats and how to predict and prevent them, as well as everyone’s role in the implementation process and keeping the security at a high level afterwards.

With solutions available at ins2outs, you can be sure that you company implements ISO 27001 with ease and is ready for all the audits and certification process to prove.